Aardmann Model Making

Saturday, Sept. 15th, from 11am

Image by As part of the Elemental Festival, Limerick, 2017 http://www.elementalfestival.com/

A creative and hands-on workshop from an expert model maker to make the world famous Aardman character, Gromit, and others!


These model clay-building workshops offer a truly unique experience and the opportunity to learn from an expert model maker how to make a variety of world famous Aardman characters.

The workshops provide a creative and hands-on activity for all ages! Participants will also get a rare chance to ask questions about Aardman Studios and hear about the animation process involved in the making of our award winning films. Participants can take their clay models home and try animating them using Aardman’s easy to use Animate It! software.

There are three workshops available:

  • Hognob 11am - 12pm, for ages 6+. Click here to book your tickets.
  • Gromit 12.30pm - 1.30pm, for ages 6+. Click here to book your tickets.
  • Feathers McGraw 2pm - 3pm, for Adults Only. Click here to book your tickets.

For more details go to www.elementalfestival.com/. Workshops are 1 hour in duration. Please be sure to select tickets for the correct time slot - places are limited and we will not be able to accommodate ticketholders for alternative workshops.

Visit elementalfestival.com for more details.