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Fab Lab Limerick started in 2012 as an elective course at the School of Architecture, UL in which open source 3D printers, CNC routers and laser cutters were built. In 2014 this self-build equipment was moved to an empty building in the city centre owned by Limerick City Council.

Since then, Fab Lab Limerick has evolved into a fully functional digital fabrication laboratory that offers cultural, educational and research programmes on digital fabrication, bridging the gap between these technologies and creatives from all disciplines.

Workshop to 'build' ideas for living in Georgian Limerick

Sep 16 2016 · Limerick Leader

˝…Living Georgian, a community design workshop on the topic of living in Georgian Limerick, will be held in the FabLab Limerick… …The workshop is part of a series of community design workshops run b…˝

Citizens of Limerick: Javi BuronGarcia

Jul 15 2016 · Limerick2020

˝…In order to call yourself a Fab Lab you need to have digital fabrication tools, an open-door policy, create public events and activities, and you have to acknowledge and collaborate with other Fab…˝