April 11th 10.00 -12.00

Image by sml

ATTIRE is a series of research workshops that aims to implement various electronic principles into a fashion garment


FINDING THE RIGHT FIT is the third event within a series of wearable electronics workshops. Based on the ideas collected during the previous workshop we will present and discuss three functional concept proposals explored in detail:   SYNCHRONISED ELECTRONICS

  • attire emitting light, synchronized within a group of people or interactive attire for children Hot & Cold game   MECHANICAL ELECTRONICS
  • mechanical steam punk festival attire with chargeable element   NOTIFYING ELECTRONICS
  • attire displaying notifications in a various manner   During this event we are going to refine the proposals and search for the suitable fashion form of the garment. By addressing the function we will be able to explore the possible consumer, season, occasion, feel and look of the future garment.    ATTIRE events have a great dynamic and mix of people creating a powerful creative environment. Make sure you’re a part of it! We are constantly on the look out for fashion designers, dressmakers, product designers, illustrators, software and hardware developers and 3D printing professionals.

Everybody is welcome so please come along!