CNC cut your very own Chair

November 29th & 30th 11.30-17.30

Image by Maciej Wojnicki

We invite you to take part in our two day workshop to design and cut your very own chair on our in house CNC Router.

€150 per person

This is a two day workshop starting Saturday 29th and finishing Sunday 30th. No previous experience is required apart from basic computer literacy. Each participant will be supplied with one sheet of 18mm Birch Plywood (worth €60) as part of the course to make their designs. Participants are welcome to bring other materials to the workshop if they wish to do so.

Day 1

Participants will be introduced to the CNC Router, its advantages, disadvantages and its capabilities. A number of Drawing softwares and tools will be introduced with the intention that everybody will be able to design their own chair. There will be a range of tools including very easy to use open source softwares so everybody will be able to produce something. Examples of projects Fab Lab Limerick have done using the CNC will be on display and examples of online open source projects will be shown. At the end of day one everybody will have an understanding of what can be produced with the CNC. All participants will have a sketch design for a chair in preparation for cutting the following day.

Day 2

The day will start with a full demonstration on how to use the in house Shopbot CNC router. Each participant will get a chance to cut out a design using the router during the day. How to sand, glue, assemble and finish a plywood chair will be demonstrated. At the end of the day all participants will have a chair of their own design that they can take home with them.

The cost of the Workshop is €150 per person (including materials). The workshop will be from 11.30 to 17.30 Saturday and Sunday. Participants are required to bring a laptop and a mouse with them.

You can book your place here