Digital Sign Fabrication Workshop

November 7th and 8th

We invite you to take part in our two day workshop to design and  manufacture your very own signage on our in house CNC Router.

€100 per person

We invite you to take part in our two day workshop to design and  manufacture your very own signage on our in house CNC Router.

This is a two day workshop starting Saturday 7th and finishing Sunday 8th November. No previous experience is required apart from basic computer literacy. Each participant will be supplied with one quarter of sheet of 18mm MDF as part of the course to make their sign. Participants are welcome to bring other materials to the workshop if they wish to do so.

Day 1

During the first day participants will be guided through the process of designing and creating the sign. Introduction will consist of the presentation of various types of signage, explanation of basic design principles, introduction of Inkscape 2D drawing software and demonstration of our in house CNC Router. After the introduction everyone will have a better understanding of how a sign can be created.  Inkscape installation and basic usage will be clearly explained. Inkscape drawing software for Prototyping and Digital Fabrication has been designed for new and inexperienced users who wish to become familiar with the basics of vector creation using open source software. At the end of the day everyone will have his or her personal signage file ready to be cut the next day.   

Day 2

Day two is dedicated to cutting the signs on the CNC router. Everyone will be introduced to the CNC Router to be able to cut out their own sign based on the file ready from the previous day. After the signs are cut we will apply the finishing touches by cleaning of the cut out areas and using various finishing techniques like painting and varnishing. At the end of the day all participants will have a signage of their own design that they can take home with them. The cost of the Workshop is €100 per person (including materials). The workshop will be from 11.30 to 17.30 Saturday and Sunday. Participants are required to bring a laptop and a mouse with them.

This workshop will run subject to a minimum number of 12 participants

The workshop fee is €100 per person (including materials).You can book your place here.