Future Artist Makers - Summer Bootcamp

July 4th - July 16th

CALL FOR COLLABORATORS OPEN UNTIL JUNE 24TH. Future Artist-Makers is a programme which explores the potential for artists to experiment with digital fabrication in their artistic practice.


FAB LAB LIMERICK FUTURE ARTIST MAKERS - SUMMER BOOTCAMP has been developed by The Nerve Centre in Derry, Ultralab in Madrid and Fab Lab Limerick and co-funded by Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

The SUMMER BOOTCAMP is an activity part of this programme which gives art students and recent graduates an insight into how digital fabrication can enhance their future creative careers, offering the opportunity to participate in an artistic project, to develop skills and their portfolio of work.

During this open call two projects will be selected. Any artist/creative based in Ireland working already with digital fabrication technologies can submit a project. Fab Lab Limerick will cover the traveling costs of one artist/creative per project and their accommodation during the celebration of the bootcamp, as well as materials, training & use of all Fab Lab Limerick equipment. Selected projects will be developed collaboratively by 12 art students and recent graduates during a period of two weeks. As for the collaborators Fab Lab Limerick will cover the accommodation of up to 6 places in student accommodation in the city.

Important dates

  • Call for projects deadline June 10th 2016
  • Announcement of selected projects June 15th 2016
  • Collaborators Call from Extended until June 24th 2016
  • Notifications sent to selected collaborators June 25th 2016
  • SUMMER BOOTCAMP July 4th - July 15th 2016

Call for Projects

Project Submissions now closed.

Call for collaborators


Introduction to the Workshop

We are looking for proposals that experiment from an artistic and critical design perspective with digital fabrication technologies such as 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC milling. Any artistic discipline is welcome.

Open Call Rules and Regulations for Proposals

The call is open to any artist based in the Republic of Ireland with existing experience in digital fabrication technologies within his/her artistic practice.

Two proposals will be developed during the bootcamp, selected from the applications to this open call. Each artist responsible will lead a group of six collaborators during the bootcamp. The proposals submitted must be open to the participation of the collaborators during the bootcamp.

Workshop Schedule

On July 4th an initial presentation of both projects will be held.

From July 4th to July 15th the projects will be developed in groups lead by the selected artists and the support of the collaborators; the results will be presented on the final day.

During the workshop, ideas will be tested out and prototypes will be developed in interdisciplinary groups composed of all interested participants, coordinated by the artist. The groups will be supported by Fab Lab Limerick technical staff and will have the space, equipment and materials necessary to develop each project. These must be requested in the initial proposal.

Obligations of Selected Parties

Selected individuals, collaborators and project leaders, will have to attend all days of the workshop. Selected individuals will have to finish and appropriately document the proposed projects. Basic information on the projects will be documented in Fab Lab Limerick wiki/web page.

The projects submitted must be open to and promote the participation of collaborators.

Project credits shall list the participation of each member of the team and their role within the bootcamp. Fab Lab Limerick encourages and supports the use of open-source programs and licenses for the purpose of developing the projects.

On completion of the SUMMER BOOTCAMP, participants will have to remove their material within a maximum period of 15 days.

Project Evaluation Criteria

  • Relevance to the general aims and theme of the call.
  • Innovative and experimental in nature.
  • Reasonable use of materials and digital fabrication equipment.
  • Clarity of the proposal and suitability of the methodology and bootcamp development time (the aim is to produce a prototype by the end of the bootcamp. The proposal must therefore detail all parts of the project for which a prototype could be produced within the allotted period, and the parts for which this would be impossible.)

Accommodation and Travel Expenses

Upon request by participants who reside outside of Limerick, Fab Lab Limerick will provide accommodation in student accommodation for the duration of the bootcamp. Fab Lab Limerick will also cover travel expenses (within the Republic of Ireland) for one person per selected project.


Anyone interested in participating in the workshop must complete and send the form provided below before June 10th at 5:00pm GMT+1.

Selection Committee

Fab Lab Limerick will be responsible for the evaluation and selection of the projects.

Authorship and Intellectual Property

Participants in the open call whose projects (texts, photographs and videos) are selected shall license their work in a manner permitting Fab Lab Limerick to publish it in any physical or digital format for the maximum time period and territorial scope provided for by law, allowing said work to be transformed in order to improve its dissemination and distribution. After projects have been selected, while the activity is underway the author shall be obligated to permit any other participant(s) in the activity that has been convened to use their work as the basis for other derivative work.

Further Instructions for the Proposals

If the field destined to the “Summary of the Proposal” does not offer enough space, we kindly ask you to use the “Description” field. In order to make it easier for prospective collaborators for your project, we encourage you to make a simple and brief (2-3 minutes) video regarding your proposal. For any other questions about the proposal please contact fablab@saulstudio.ie

Project Submissions now closed.
Participation in this open call constitutes acceptance of all of its terms and condition


This is a call for art and design students and recent graduates interested in participating in FUTURE ARTIST MAKERS - SUMMER BOOTCAMP workshop as a collaborator. Collaborators will have the opportunity to join in one of the workgroups to develop the selected projects, and take part in a unique collaborative environment, in which there is a supportive, horizontal relationship among technical staff, project leaders and the collaborators.

Each collaborator will receive formal training on digital fabrication technologies although a basic knowledge on software and hardware tools will be necessary. As specified in the rules, the names of the collaborators will appear in the project’s credits. Also, Fab Lab Limerick will give a document certifying the participation in the workshop to all the participants that request it.

The workshop runs from Monday to Saturday from July 4 to 15, 2016. Timetable will be from 10am to 6:30pm with a break for lunch. Some days after 6:30pm there will be little workshops and presentations until 8:30pm. If you are interested, fill the form that you will find below. For any other questions about the proposal please contact fablab@saulstudio.ie

Appointment of participants in the workshop

Collaborators will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Art and designs students and recent graduates (less than two years after graduation) from any 3rd level art and/or design programme, and currently based in Ireland.
  • Some basic skills with creative software tools. Experience working on collaborative artistic environments.


For collaborators not based in Limerick, Fab Lab Limerick will cover up to 6 people for the stay (Maximum stay: Check-in July 3rd and check-out July 16th, 2016). Each space will be allocated by strict order of registration. Therefore, signing up as a collaborator does not necessarily guarantee that you have accommodation. Fab Lab Limerick is not able to cover traveling costs nor other expenses during the stay.

Join as collaborator. Deadline June 24th 2016
Form link: https://fablablimerick.typeform.com/to/Q3H7vd
Participation in this call constitutes acceptance of all of its terms and condition

FUTURE ARTIST MAKERS is co-funded by Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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