Fab Lab Limerick Summer Camp

July 14th to 18th 11:30-15:30

Fab Lab Limerick invites kids aged 8 to 12 to take part in a week long summer camp. Boys and girls will explore their imagination and creativity using digital technologies!

€100 per kid

Day 1

We will begin with some team bonding. To break the ice everybody will work together to build a Geodesic dome with some lightweight materials. Basic structural engineering practicalities will be demonstrated throughout the build. The kids will be introduced to 3D printing and its possibilities. They will have the chance to draw their own design and print it out!

Day 2

-Laser-cutting will be demonstrated. The kids can choose from a variety of jewellery, 3D puzzles, board games and toys that can be individually customised and then cut with the Laser Cutter. Each piece can then be modified, painted and drawn on to make every project unique.

Day 3

Basic electronic principals will be demonstrated through playing with play dough. Each child will participate in producing conductive and non conductive dough. The dough can then be made into all sorts of shapes so safe electronics can be used to power LEDs and motors. Once everybody understands the basics of electronics they will be able to customise and build their very own robots to bring home!

Day 4

Ed Devane, a local sound artist, will instruct the group in how to create home-made instruments. Each kid will have five instruments that they can bring home at the end of the day!

Day 5

Design and build your own project day! Every child will be given the chance to take all the skills they have learned throughout the week and use them to create an individual project. The projects can contain a combination of 3D printing, laser-cutting, electronics and traditional Arts and Crafts.

All materials will be provided by Fab Lab Limerick and each child will be able to take home their individual projects.

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