Limerick City Model

September 25th 20:00

Image by Ger Walsh

Fab Lab Limerick would like to invite everybody to the official unveiling of Limerick City Model.

Free Event

Limericks history and heritage is reflected in its built environment, which has evolved over the centuries. The Limerick City model is a celebration of Limericks built fabric through the construction of a scaled architectural model, which will be on display @ Fab Lab Limerick and will be freely accessible to the general public. This first stage of the model consists of the rigorous gridded pattern of Georgian Limerick.

The model is produced using digital fabrication technologies @ Fab Lab Limerick. Each block of buildings is carefully surveyed and 3D printed to show details of windows, doors and roof structures. The base of the model is CNC routed to give an accurate replica of the existing terrain.

The model will always be an active model and as the model extends in the future it can be used as a tool for the preservation and rejuvenation of existing parts of the city aswell as for the development of future parts of the city.

The event is free and their is no need to book in advance.