Open source prosthetics. Jen Owen, e-NABLE

Tuesday 22nd November, 6pm

e-NABLE is a global open source prosthetics community. Co-founder Jen Owen is coming from Seattle to share e-NABLE story with us

Free event

e-NABLE is a group of Makers, Engineers, Medical Professionals, Tinkerers, Teachers, Students, Artists, Philanthropists, Parents and “Ideas people” who have come together from across the globe to collaborate, innovate and re-design the 3d Printable open source design of a mechanical hand device that was released as the original “Robohand” open source file in 2012.

The designers at e-NABLE offer their assistance and design skills at no cost to aid those that would like to DIY (do it yourself) one of these devices and has numerous members that are willing to take on individual cases to help custom design around different shaped hands or needs.

More info at e-NABLE

Jen Owen is the founder of, a website dedicated to sharing the stories and the open source designs and resources created by e-NABLE Community, a global movement of makers who are using 3D printing technology to create free and low cost upper limb devices for those in need.

She has been documenting the progress of the e-NABLE Community since 2013 when her husband Ivan Owen, co-created the first 3D printed hand for a child in South Africa and then released the design files as open source instead of patenting them.

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