Repair Day

Friday 16th May 16:00-21:00

Image by Javier Burón CC-BY-SA

Have you got an object or appliance that is no longer working because of a broken plastic part? Bring us the plastic part and we will 3D print a new one for free!

Free Event

On Friday, May 16, in collaboration with 3DCamp and to commemorate Freedom Culture Day we are running an event to make public aware about how digital fabrication technologies and 3D printing in particular can be useful in daily life.

We all have at home all sort of small objects or appliances that no longer work because of a small broken plastic part. In many occasions we find out that these small parts are poorly designed or even worse, they have been intentionally designed to break after a specific number of uses, this is known as “planned obsolescence”.

We want to help you to bring those objects back to life! On Friday the 16th –from 16:00 to 21:00– you are all invited to bring your broken small plastic parts to Fab Lab Limerick in 7 Rutland Street. Our team will have a look at your broken object and if possible we will model and 3d print a replacement part for you!

If you are not sure whether you broken object can be repaired with a 3D printer or not, send us a picture to our twitter account @fablablimerick with the hashtag #repairday or post it in our Facebook page wall

This event has free admission and no previous reservation is required.