DoodleBots and Electronic Textiles! - Science Week 2019

November 16th, from 11am

Learn how to build your own laser cut DoodleBot and make your own electronic textile projects

Free, booking essential

November 16th, 11pm and 12pm “Make your very own Doodlebot” workshop for 6-8 year olds (45 mins)

Fab Lab Limerick would like to invite kids from ages 6 to 8 years to build their very own doodling robot. A DoodleBot is a small robot that does random doodles/drawings. The kids will build it under the guidance of the Fab Lab team. They will be involved in Arts and crafts and some basic electronics.

And 2:30pm, “Intro to Electronic Textiles” workshop for 9-13 years (1:15 hrs)

In this workshop we will experiment with different materials and learn how to build switches and basic circuits from conductive textiles. We will introduce a few different techniques and material properties and where to get info about more projects you can do at home. We will put what we learn into small projects to create sound and led effects.