Tensegreties Workshop


For Science Week 2016, Fab Lab Limerick would like to invite kids from 10 to 15 years and up to build their own tensegrities.


In collaboration with the Limerick Festival of Science, and the Science and Engineering in UL, Fab Lab Limerick would like to invite kids from 10-15 years to build their own “tensegreties”. Tensegreties are strong and light structures made out of struts and cables arranged such that the structure retains a 3D shape without the struts touching each other.

Kids will learn about the idea of tension and compression in structures, and see how these special structures work. They will see demonstrations on the laser cutter, and assemble their very own, laser cut “tensegreties” to take home.”

Advance registration required, as places are limited. For booking please contact Linda.Flannery@ul.ie.

For more info on Science Week, and other events in UL and throughout Limerick, check them out on the Limerick Festival of Science 2016 website or contact the Science and Engineering Faculty Office, University of Limerick, Tel: 061 202642