Tik-Tak-Glow Workshop

September 12th

In Collaboration with Elemental Festival and Ed Devane, Fab Lab Limerick would like to invite kids of 6 years and up to build their very own Tik-Tak-Glow instrument.

€12 per child

In Collaboration with Elemental Festival and Ed Devane.

Tik-Tak-Glow is a light and sound instrument based around the North African Tik-Tak drum. An LED (Light Emitting Diode) light circuit is incorporated into the instrument - every time the beater hits the drum heads, the light flashes. Workshop participants will learn about how a tik-tak-glow drum works, intuitively learn about electricity flow, master their sellotape skills and leave with a complete audio-visual instrument!

The workshop will last about 40 to 50 minutes. Parents or Guardians need to be present with the kids throughout the workshop.

The workshop fee is €12 per kid, booking is essential.You can book your place here.