Trotec laser roadshow

October 10th and 11th by appointment

Expert demonstrations on a range of Trotec laser machines and engraving materials

Free, booking essential

Trotec Laser is a market leading supplier of laser machines and engraving materials. Trotec will be bringing their laser roadshows to Fab Lab Limerick on 10th – 11th October.

Designed to bring Trotec lasers to a wider audience, the roadshows offer visitors the opportunity to put the lasers through their paces in one to one demonstrations with Trotec’s area manager, Andrew Dudley.

The roadshow will offer visitors the chance to have demonstrations on a range of Trotec laser machines. The Speedy series of laser engravers are the perfect tool for processing a wide range of applications, from signage and displays to arts, crafts and model making. The Speedy 300 flexx laser will be available for demonstration, showcasing Trotec’s patented dual source laser technology. The flexx series offers the ultimate in processing flexibility, combining CO2 and fiber laser sources in a single machine. This allows for effortless processing of mixed material workpieces.

The SpeedMarker 300 laser marker will also be available for demonstration. This galvo laser is specifically designed for high speed processing and is ideal for industrial applications in a production line.

The roadshow is expected to be popular, with appointments available on a first come, first served basis. To book your demonstration, contact Trotec on +44 (0)191 580 1184, enquire at or email