Limerick City Model

Image by David Grace

The idea of Limerick City Model was conceived in late 2013 when three graduates of The School of Architecture, University Of Limerick (SA UL), applied for funding from Limerick City Of Culture. Those graduates were Michael Mc Laughlin, Ger Walsh and Sean Collins.

14 December 2015

The model was created to be a tool for design and development of the city. Each city block is 3D printed and the base is CNC cut, accurately representing the existing city. The blocks can be removed from the model, so as the city progresses, the model will progress too. All parts of the model were designed and made at Fab Lab Limerick, 7 Rutland Street, Limerick City (part of SA UL).

The process in which the model is produced took many hours of labour. A LiDAR survey of the city was received from OSI through Limerick City and County Council to gather some accurate height data. Each elevation had to be photographed, stitched, traced in 2D CAD and then drawn in 3D CAD before finally being sent to the open source 3D printers at Fab Lab Limerick.

The production of the 1:500 model commenced in February 2014 and officially opened to the public on 19th September at Fab Lab Limerick. The model is not finished, nor will it ever be finished. It is to be used as a development tool for the people of Limerick so it will change in tandem with the transformation of the city. Thirteen people worked on the model with varied commitment.

The names of all who worked on the model are: Michael McLaughlin, Ger Walsh, Sean Collins, Stephen Bourke, Jack Byrne, Adrian Clery, Seamus Bairead, Luke Benson, Barry Casey, Eoghan Hurley, Colin Dorgan, Javier Buron, Ivor O’ Shea, Dave Hunt, Tom O Brien, Darren Simring.