Digital fabrication & self-build

Image by Evelyn O'Connor

An analysis of experimental construction self-build methods based on digital fabrication. This research has been possible thanks of the support of University of Limerick' Science without borders programme

1 July 2014

Fab Lab Limerick at the School of Architecture is researching about the use of digital fabrication technologies and open design methodologies in architecture design and building industry.

“Digital fabrication for Urban Regeneration” consists in the definition of a set of survey and fabrication tools, construction techniques and project management methods based on on-site, low-cost and self-replicable digital fabrication technologies.

The goal is to combine the precision and quality control obtained in off-site industrialised construction methods with the adaptability and personalisation of on-site building construction in order to improve construction quality, energy performance and cost effectiveness of small and mid-size building projects within the context of urban regeneration in historical city centres. During this research a number of experimental construction methods –specifically wikihouse and Facit Homes – were tested considering feasibility, structural integrity, simplicity of the assembly and building quality.

This eight week research project was carried out by Rafael Brandão Melo, Gabriela Sartori and Matheus Scaglia Mainardi under the supervision of Javier Burón. This research was funded by University of Limerick’ Science without borders programme.