Frequently Asked Questions


Which materials are safe to be used with the Laser Cutter?

There are a huge number of materials that can be cut by laser. The Trotec and the Lasersaur contain CO2 laser bulbs, 80W and 100W respectively. You can read more about these specifications on our machine pages: Lasersaur or Trotec.

Our laser cutters cannot cut ferrous metals (shiny), mirrored surfaces, PVC, carbon fiber. Glass can be engraved with some success, but cutting is not possible. Stone? Engraving is ok; Cutting not possible.

A great reference if you are unsure is the Trotec Website. If you are unsure, perhaps you can find a reference online, if you are at still unable to determine a material’s suitability please drop us a query at

I have a project to do. How do I work out how much it will cost?

Generally, we calculate each job’s cost from the machine time required, and the material costs. The cost for machine use is determined based on the intended use for the project (ie. Commercial etc.), and can be seen in the relevant machine sections on this wiki.

Extras that may apply include Design, or Technical Assistance, Special Material Expenses (for instance 3D printing in a more expensive material). There is a fee of €20 per hour for Technical Assistance, which needs to be arranged in advance by email. Technical Assistance does not include Design.