Workshop Safety Information

version: oct. 2017

Fab Lab Limerick workshop space functions as a collectively supported resource; ask yourself how you can improve it as well as use it.

Use of the workshop is a privilege, which can be revoked for any violation of any of these rules.

Only individuals who have been instructed how to use the workshop are allowed to operate machines.

Report all accidents, injuries, machine damage and missing supplies right away.

Any student wilfully or carelessly violating any of the shop policies will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions and may be banned from using the area.

If you have any questions, please email:

In Case of Emergency

  • Stay calm.

  • Shut off power.

  • Get help.

  • Address injuries.

  • Report to staff: Gerard Walsh

Emergency phone numbers:

Contact Point Contact Number(s)
UL Reception/security: 061 213 333
First Aid (Gerard Walsh): 087 900 5044
Emergency Ambulance Service: 999 or 112
St. John's Hospital: 061 415 822
Regional Hospital Dooradoyle: 061 301 111

Fire Extinguishers are located in each communal room on the ground floor. They are sign posted ‘Fire Point’. First Aid boxes are located beside 3D Printers in the main Fab Lab space and beside workbench B in the workshop space, as illustrated below.

Rutland Street

Please familiarise yourself with Fab Lab Limerick’s Health and Safety Doc (Updated Sept. 2017)